Get me Outta Here!

Get me Outta Here! is an adventure game for the TRS-80 CoCo. The player tries to escape a large room filled with numerous items, locks, passcodes, and other secrets. Played with the cursor, the player can select items in the room to get a better view, and has a small inventory displayed at the bottom of the screen where collected items can be examined and manipulated. All clues to escape the room are found within the room itself.

Added June 17, 2022
Title Screen (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Instructions (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Starting Room (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Something Behind the Picture (TRS-80 CoCo) from
A Tablet (TRS-80 CoCo) from
No Power (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Searching a Plant (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Examining the Couch (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Lampstand (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Using the Compass (TRS-80 CoCo) from

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Point and Click

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