High Seas Homicide

High Seas Homicide is a detective adventure shareware game with graphics, controlled with the keyboard, mainly using text commands and arrow keys, and made with the MVP Software's GameBuilder tools. You control the main character, Martin T. Berringer, a Scotland Yard detective on vacation aboard a cruise ship HMS Elias, who at the start of the game in his cabin, hears three gunshots from the ball room area. Now you have to find out who got shot & catch a killer, by looking through the environment on the ship and talking to the people on board. There is a short help text to get you started with the text commands, and actions; as is common with these games, you have to guess at most of the proper words to use. The clues you find may lead you to a suspect, and if correctly identified you get a reward - if you falsely accuse an innocent suspect, you are abandoned in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean as a punishment, so beware.

Added June 19, 2022
Title screen (DOS) from mobygames.com
Intro text and registration information; some notable instructions like 'Begin Game'. (DOS) from mobygames.com
F9=GameBuilder information (DOS) from mobygames.com
F6=Scrollable game decription (DOS) from mobygames.com
Starting location, your cabin; there are some sounds representing gun shots heard through the speaker. (DOS) from mobygames.com
The command 'Look around' gives you an overview of most rooms. (Oddly, there is at least one room where it does not work). (DOS) from mobygames.com
'Open door' makes the character also step through the door; after which he is in a corridor. (DOS) from mobygames.com
A typical corridor in the ship. Here is a sign you can read to give you directions left & right. Typing 'Open door' does not let you into your cabin again. (DOS) from mobygames.com
A lady stands outside her cabin, and does not appreciate your attempt at looking inside. (DOS) from mobygames.com
A sickbay, probably good to have if the passengers start shooting each other. (DOS) from mobygames.com
Here is a crossing of levels from your 2nd to upper and lower decks. Walking up/down changes levels. (DOS) from mobygames.com
On the ships bow with an elderly lady passenger. Looking at the moon gives this response. (DOS) from mobygames.com
Looking at something scribbled on the wall, probably not an important clue... (DOS) from mobygames.com
In the crew's quarters, searching the locker for clues. The developers saved some animation effort here. (DOS) from mobygames.com
An entertainment lounge, with a comedian who is too busy rehearsing his jokes to talk to me. (DOS) from mobygames.com
The ballroom, where the shots presumably came from. Just looking at the wall also has a response. (DOS) from mobygames.com
Ending the game you get an advert for a catalogue of the developers other games. (DOS) from mobygames.com

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Text Parser


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