Precipice is a free 2D click-and-point cyberpunk adventure game. It features an inventory and can be controlled via mouse and is very short (about five minutes). The game has the status of a prototype.

The location is Caracus, which resembles the setting of the movie Blade Runner. The player controls Detective Alex Traeger, who investigates the bloody death of a man and a synthetic woman. All active characters are displayed as grey silhouettes.

Added June 6, 2024
Title screen (Windows) from
Starting room with Alex Traeger (Windows) from
The ad outside the windows reminds me of 'Blade Runner' (Windows) from
You need to pay for an elevator ride (Windows) from
Taking the elevator down (Windows) from
Arriving in the main hall (Windows) from
Two weeks earlier Alex Traeger examines a synthetic (Windows) from
The crime scene (Windows) from

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Puzzle Adventure Traditional

Graphic Style:
2D Retro-Style

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Control Type:
Point and Click

Mystery Sci-Fi

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Crime Short

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