Space Rangers Ep. 46 - the Devil within

Space Rangers Ep. 46 is a classic point & click adventure game set in a science fiction universe heavily inspired by Star Trek: it has phasers, transporters, tricorders, and even the uniforms look similar to those of the Star Trek TV shows. The "Ep. 46" part of the game's title implies a larger series of which this game is merely one episode. References are made to previous events, but the overall story is standalone - just like most Star Trek episodes. The player assumes the role of space ranger Yaz KreJonns who is sent to investigate a mining station where all the miners have gone missing. She is sent there without any weapons due to the volatility of the dilithium crystals mined there, and because of some implied previous incident she was responsible for (which is never explained). Gameplay is classic point & click adventure fare: collect items and use them to solve puzzles in order to progress through the game. There are also a few NPCs who can be talked to with a classic dialog tree system.

Added June 21, 2022
Menu screen (Windows) from
Introductory dialog where you're given your mission (Windows) from
During the introduction, you can ask for more information about your task. Note how the captain's uniform looks similar to the Star Trek movies (Windows) from
Using the communication device to contact the ship you beamed down from. Note how the woman's uniform looks similar to the original Star Trek show (Windows) from
The inventory and game menu. Notice how it's not an abstract UI element, but looks exactly like the communication device in the previous screenshot! (Windows) from
These crystals are why you weren't given a weapon on your mission... too volatile! (Windows) from
Interrogating a cleaning robot who already cleaned up all the evidence you're looking for. Damnit! (Windows) from

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