The Hand of Glory

The challenge of a dangerous serial killer plummets detective Lazarus Bundy’s career into a chasm with no way out. In a desperate attempt at a comeback, Lazarus decides to secretly investigate the disappearance of Kathrin Mulzberg.

Followed By The Hand of Glory - The Blowtorch Files
Added June 9, 2020
Front Cover (Worldwide) (Windows) from
Front Cover (Worldwide) (Windows) from
Header Image (Windows) from Steam
IGDB Cover from
TV news with a reporter Lars hates. (Windows) from
This map of Miami is used for travelling during the American stage of the game. (Windows) from
Talking to the housekeeper inside Mulzberg's mansion. (Windows) from
At first the days somehow last very short, they are over at a predetermined point. At least the evening sky looks beautiful. (Windows) from
Sneaking inside Mulzberg's bedroom. (Windows) from
Lars goes bowling with Alice. (Windows) from
Aboard the ship with a whole collection of Kathrin Mulzberg's photos. (Windows) from
Jump between capitals of different countries using chess pieces and colours as clues. (Windows) from
Alice is the computer expert and she can track people or their phones, look for stuff on the Deep Web or even in free online encyclopedias... ;) (Windows) from
A mission in the Everglades, the last one in the "American stage". (Windows) from
A view of San Leo. The game was con-sponsored by some kind of institution for the town's promotion. (Windows) from
Alice and Lars split up - she travels to Rome, he to San Leo. This is more or less the "hub" of San Leo, Dante Alighieri Square. (Windows) from
Coats of arms shown in the town's fortress. One of them will be used in a puzzle. (Windows) from
Overhead view of Rome. (Windows) from
Informational panel for tourists inside the church. (Windows) from
Repairing the lifting platform for professor Visconi's wheelchair. (Windows) from
The professor's bedroom looks quite exotic. I like this kind of decor. :D (Windows) from
Look at books and pay attention to professor Visconi's reaction. (Windows) from
Even professor's safe is decorative. Of course, these details are relevant to the puzzle. (Windows) from
This time Alice looks for information in open sources because she can't sleep anyway from all the exploratory excitement. (Windows) from
Oliviero tells how he saw the beast's traces when hiking with Tekla Nowak. (Windows) from
Tekla is Polish and sometimes uses Polish expletives for Lars. Fun fact: they are not exactly correct. "Kretyn" is nominative, and it should be the vocative: "kretynie". (Windows) from
As before, now the map of San Leo is used for travelling. (Windows) from
Careful with that bridge! (Windows) from
Now we need to get Tekla's bag back from this bird. (Windows) from
Bird's eye view of the San Leo area. (Windows) from
Lars, Oliviero and Tekla found the place guarded by the beast! (Windows) from
The short final stage of the game takes place in England... (Windows) from
...but now it's time to end this screenshot collection before the final showdown. (Windows) from
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
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