Twisted! Deluxe

Twisted! Deluxe is an updated, full-color version of Twisted!, an excellent shareware adventure game for the Macintosh by Ray Dunakin. The original Twisted! was a fun text-adventure-with-graphics game coded with World Builder, a now-discontinued adventure game application for the Mac. This Deluxe version features all-new color graphics and a streamlined point-and-click interface in place of a text parser. Twisted! Deluxe starts out similar to the movie of the same name: you are a meteorologist, a "storm chaser" sent to investigate a tornado. Before long, you end up in Land of Ooz, a bizarre fantasy world filled with talking dragons and other strange creatures, and numerous fascinating puzzles that range from math logic, to riddles and traditional inventory-based puzzles.

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Added May 4, 2022
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Interactive Fiction Puzzle Adventure

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Point and Click Text Parser


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